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Wondering if Your Drone is Covered By Home Insurance? Here's What You Need to Know

If you recently purchased a drone and are wondering if drones are covered by your home insurance, I did a little research and put together all the information you may want to know about insurance if you own a drone or are considering buying one for personal use.

What Insurance Coverage Should You Get For Your Drone?

You will want to find out about your personal liability, and if it covers you for injury caused to others as a result of your ownership of a drone.

You will also want to find out about damage to the drone itself. Are you covered if you crash your drone? What if it is lost or stolen?

The best way to do this is call your insurance representative and ask them if there are any exclusions or limitations on your policy regarding drones, and find out if it will be covered on your personal liability. Every insurance policy is different, and as more incidents and drone accidents happen, insurance companies may take a new approach to personal drone insurance. Especially when it comes to liability arising out of the use of a drone. Find out if your drone is already insured:

Check out the Essential Checklist to Help You Ask Your Insurance All the Right Questions About Drones.

You might find that you might not need to spend any extra money to get your drone insured! 

If for any reason your insurance company wants to know more information about how you are using your drone before they can confirm if it is covered or not, then this Checklist of Information of What You Can Give Your Insurance Company About Your Drone may also be helpful.

All of these links come from my most recent article that provides tips and cool resources for drone owners, and drone hobbyists. I hope you find it useful!


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